HFMAS – HailFlow on mast

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HFMAS – HailFlow on mast

CHF 3'694.00

HailFlow sensor fastened on a tripod mast

Set content:

  • 1 HailFlow sensor for hail monitoring
  • 1 mounting kit
  • 1 standalone tripod mast
  • 1 USB dongle
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The HailFlow sensor (HF4) is meant for:

  • High resolution hail monitoring and warning
  • Meteorological and scientific applications
  • Building and infrastructure surveillance and insurance
  • Agriculture, land management
  • Maritime and offshore applications (wind turbines, buoys)

The HailFlow sensor is fastened to a standalone tripod mast (TMAST) with 1 flat arm. The tripod mast is equipped with 3 tiltable legs so it is compatible with any type of ground surface mounting.

The sensor is delivered completely configured, ready to be plugged into a power supply and into your reading peripheral (I/O module, data logger, automation server, controller, computer, etc.). However if you want to change the default configuration, connect your sensor to a computer using the provided USB dongle accessory.

You want to fasten the HailFlow sensor on your own mast? Please see HFBRA.

Additional information

Weight 20.8 kg
Dimensions 2880 × 1120 × 1120 mm

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