EXT10 – Cable extension

EXT10 – Cable extension

Cable extension


  • 1 junction box
  • 7 × 0.25 mm2 cable, 10 meters length

Allows to extend the 5 meters factory cable of the ISAW sensor with an extension cable of 10 meters.

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Each sensor is delivered with a 5 m cable. Use one or several EXT10 cable extensions to extend this default length up to typically 200 meters.
EXT10 is a 10 meters extension of the sensor cable. It is equipped at one end with an IP68 aluminum enclosure junction box, which contains an 8-pin screw connector to connect any ISAW sensor or chaining several EXT10 cable extensions.

EXT10 is compatible with all ISAW sensors.

Additional information

Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 111 × 74 × 54 mm


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