WindFlow WF4

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Wind-speed monitoring sensor

  • Wind speed monitoring
  • Meteorological and scientific applications
  • Maritime applications
  • Industrial surveillance applications
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The sensor is delivered with one of the following mounting kits:

  • FARB (V bracket mount): Flat arm fastened with V bracket (size S, M or L)
  • FARC (collar clamp): Flat arm fastened with high force collar (size M or L)
  • FARP (flat mount): Flat arm fastened on plate

Choose the size according to your kit and the outer diameter (OD) of your mast:

Kit Mast OD Order Size
FARB 28-52 mm
38-80 mm
68-116 mm
FARC 44-76 mm
74-102 mm

You need the USB link accessory to connect the sensor to a computer (see User Guide)

Additional information

Weight 2.31 kg
Dimensions 105 x 2 x 15 mm
Sensor cable

Standard cable 3 meters, Extended cable 10 meters