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SFMAS – SandFlow on mast

CHF 2'950.00

SandFlow sensor fastened on a tripod mast

Set content:

  • 1 SandFlow sensor (SF4) for sand aeolian transport & wind-speed monitoring
  • 1 mounting kit
  • 1 standalone tripod mast
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The SandFlow sensor (SF4) is meant for:

  • Sand storm detection
  • Sand/dust aeolian transport monitoring
  • Mass flux and indicative wind speed measurement
  • Meteorological and scientific applications
  • Industrial surveillance applications

The SandFlow sensor is fastened to a standalone tripod mast (TMAST) with 2 cylindrical arms and V brackets. The tripod mast is equipped with 3 tiltable legs so it is compatible with any type of ground surface mounting.

You want to fasten the SandFlow sensor on your own mast? Please see SFBRA.

Additional information

Weight 27.77 kg
Dimensions 1200 x 250 x 440 mm

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